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We leverage generative technology to create a next-gen, conversational chatbot to grow your business.

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Benefits of Generative AI


Convert website traffic into leads and recommend products based on likelihood to purchase

Business Intelligence

Automate reporting and data analysis to quickly receive answers and operational insights


Instantly address commonly asked customer and employee questions

Digital Assistant

Automatically schedule meetings, draft emails, prioritize your inbox, and complete custom workflows


Common Use Cases for Generative AI

Implementing a conversational AI chatbot allows your SalesTeam to:

  • Collect prospect information and automatically transfer leads into your CRM
  • Reference dynamic information like calendars and inventory without the need to update data in multiple locations
  • Increase customer satisfaction by answering commonly asked questions in real time
  • Simplify the management of your website chatbot by eliminating time consuming decision trees. Instead, simply update information in one location and the whole experience of your bot adjusts accordingly

Implementing a conversational AI chatbot allows your FinanceTeam to:

  • Access business intelligence through a simple chat request
  • Gain business insights by analyzing reports via chat
  • Generate charts and graphs without running complex reports
  • Produce and share financial reports with easy commands

Implementing a conversational AI chatbot allows your MarketingTeam to:

  • Create high-quality content in your brand voice for social media, blogs, emails and advertising campaigns
  • Generate and analyze reports on campaign performance
  • Establish a consistent brand voice across all marketing materials to strengthen brand recognition and identity
  • Analyze customer feedback and social media mentions to gain insights into customer preferences and trends

Implementing a conversational AI chatbot allows your Human ResourcesTeam to:

  • Provide immediate support for common employee queries
  • Generate job descriptions that are optimized for inclusivity and search engine optimization leading to more candidate applications
  • Evaluate resumes and sort for recruitment prioritization
  • Summarize and analyze written employee feedback and workforce trends

Implementing a conversational AI chatbot allows your IT Team to:

  • Automate customer support with documented answers and user walkthroughs
  • Prioritize tickets based on urgency and impact
  • Generate boilerplate code for projects allowing your team to work more efficiently
  • Create documentation, technical content, or user guides
  • Identify and suggest fixes for software bugs

How Our Generative AI is Different

Single Source of Truth

Unlike other AI services that reference the entire internet, we create a custom language model based on your provided information. This model is disconnected from the internet and provides you with full control over the data presented via chat. No false facts here! This creates a single source of truth for company policies and information. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about external influences or inaccurate information.

Cross-Department Functionality

Our AI doesn’t just work for one team; it can be used across various departments in your organization. We partition your data and integrate with existing security protocols to create a tool that respects your role-based permission sets. This ensures that the right information is available to the right people, promoting efficient collaboration while maintaining data security.

Ongoing Support & Training

We understand your business evolves over time, so we continuously offer support and timely updates to help achieve your goals. In addition, our solutions include analytics and periodic business reviews to ensure all your needs are being met.


We Work With Your Exisiting System

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